The 3-Day Aze Challenge

Volleyball is a popular sport that supports teamwork and athleticism, but sometimes it can be painful. Although proper preparation for play is best to prevent potential injury, choosing the right equipment is also a factor that you must not neglect. It is important for a volleyball player to be familiar with gears that will prevent injuries and bring success during the activity.

The Ball

The ball is the single most important piece of equipment in this game, no one can discount that. Most people think that there isn’t much of a difference from one ball to the next but I would not agree on that. There are balls that are a bit too hard as it hurt to hit. Some are a bit too bouncy and can be difficult to adjust to. For me, a good ball will reduce pain caused by hitting or passing it to teammates.

Apt Shoes

Volleyball shoes allows the player to move the way the game demands and is an essential gear for the game. These shoes are designed for side-to-side movement allowing the player to react quicker and are made of rubber sole material to give excellent grip on the floor. Volleyball shoes aids in shock absorption from the constant jumping and landing and helps to prevent sprains as well. Don’t just get whatever, make sure the shoes you buy is a perfect fit and allows you to perform your best! 

Knee Pads

As the volleyball action intensifies, players can get their knees injured while chasing the ball or by kneeling instead of diving. Volleyball knee pads prevent injuries, it protects the meniscus and the patella or kneecap, while playing volleyball. It also guard the knees from getting scars and bruises and provide cushion as it hit the hard surface of the court. A player may choose a thicker pad for better protection or thinner knee pads for mobility. Maintain peak performance by selecting the appropriate knee pad for you!

Ankle Braces

With the jumping, cutting, and diving in volleyball a tremendous amount of stress is put on the ligaments that hold your ankle joint together. It leads to the most common injury among volleyball players ― a sprained ankle. It is most wise to invest in a good pair of ankle braces to avoid the problem. Braces have proven to lower injuries by 40 percent, they provide stability to the area without compromising activity. Keep moving without worries with a good pair of ankle braces!

Injury Prevention Tool

As a volleyball player, you certainly would want to perform better, recover faster, and more importantly, less chances of injury. If so, you should take myofascial release into consideration. As you already know, rolling increases blood flow to your muscles and creates better mobility, helping with recovery and improving performance. It’s time you own a roller, and make sure to own the best there is!

The perfect roller to help you fulfill these goals, unlike any other in today’s market, is Aze Roller! Its awesome spikes has 3 different heights that gives different massage intensities to break down adhesions in the thighs, calves and legs or even the foot and is guaranteed to soothe those achy, hard to reach muscle group. It has 4 different colors aptly named to add sizzle in your every game.

Susan M. Clark

My name is Dr. Susan Clark, I am a licensed Chiropractor with a sports background. My niche is sports performance to include medically engineered products to get patients up and moving. Products we have designed are based on real cadaver and chronic patient injury patterns over the last 12 years.