The 3-Day Aze Challenge

Are you experiencing lower back pain? Aze your day then! Here’s why.

80% of the population through their lifetime has lower back pain problems. A horrific statistics to begin with, but why is back pain so prevalent? Before I give you an answer, tell me this. Do you commute to work daily? Are you sitting in meetings all day or maybe a student who literally sits in class all day?

Having a job that requires heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling can lead to injury and back pain. Obesity is also a factor, being overweight puts stress on your back leading to lower back pain. Are you surprised?

Do you know that the hamstring tightness extending the calves, is a key component in making the back worse? The condition worsens when an individual is sitting all day because they are driving cars to work or because their career involves heavy computer screen time and even extends it at home. You name the location during the day, more than likely you are definitely sitting.

What if we have a daily paradigm shift, where we literally take back our BACKS?!

I challenge you to roll morning and night and at work or at school on your Aze roller and start experiencing tremendous relief from back pain. It’s time you own a roller and make sure to own the best there is!

Join us today!


Susan M. Clark

My name is Dr. Susan Clark, I am a licensed Chiropractor with a sports background. My niche is sports performance to include medically engineered products to get patients up and moving. Products we have designed are based on real cadaver and chronic patient injury patterns over the last 12 years.