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Aze Your Game

Our #1 Goal is address injury prevention with achieving optimal performance! Aze Your Game is committed to enhancing your active lifestyle and constantly developing products that are in line with this goal, giving you a competitive edge. Our flagship product Aze™ Roller — is a tool created based on a human cadaver designed to ease the pain from the muscle movements incurred during physical activities, helping you get back to perfect synergy in minutes!


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  • "The roller has helped me recover so much faster than I used to. Using it after a workout or before playing really loosens up my muscles and catches an achiness. It makes sure old injuries don’t come back. It’s a very nice recovery tool as well as just staying on top of muscular problems before they become too serious."

    Caroline Skaff

  • "I’ve been using foam rollers for years but this roller is completely different than the ones I’ve used before. I actually feel better the next day. I notice a huge difference if I don’t use this roller before or after workouts."

    Maddie Ashwell