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Introducing the Road Warrior Series. A perfect companion for the competitive athlete who is always on the go. Aptly named to add the sizzle in every game. Crafted for the road warrior, our soft rollers are guaranteed to soothe those achy, hard to reach muscle group. Our team has a 16 years experience in studying medicine and we understand what a person needs to move effortlessly and precisely. So whether it would be a Spunk, a Spitfire, a Spark, or a Spin — by design, it can assist you to Aze that game! Get one for your self today!

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Introducing the Aze Roller, a tool that would ease the pain from the muscle movements incurred during games. Imagine saying goodbye to painful twinges when you move. Jump higher and move faster effortlessly. Our Soft Rollers come in 4 colors and have awesome spikes that gives different massage intensities to break down adhesions in the thighs, calves and legs or even the foot. This product was inspired by all the sports players and active individuals in mind. They can be for Basketball, Volleyball, Ice Hockey or Lacrosse players to name a few; this tool will hit those fascial adhesions competently. Dealing with the pain before or after the game is going to be child’s play. So what are you waiting for?!

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  • "The roller has helped me recover so much faster than I used to. Using it after a workout or before playing really loosens up my muscles and catches an achiness. It makes sure old injuries don’t come back. It’s a very nice recovery tool as well as just staying on top of muscular problems before they become too serious."

    Caroline Skaff

  • "I’ve been using foam rollers for years but this roller is completely different than the ones I’ve used before. I actually feel better the next day. I notice a huge difference if I don’t use this roller before or after workouts."

    Maddie Ashwell